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Who Are the Non-Karatekas Fighting in Karate Combat?

Meet the Exceptions to the Rule

Learn which Karate Combat competitors are not Karate-first fighters.

by Mac Tyson, 2023-02-02

Karate Combat's Judging Criteria Explained

Learn what judges look for when scoring a KC fight

Learn what judges look for when scoring a Karate Combat fight.

by Mac Tyson, 2023-01-20

Are These the 5 Best Karate Combat Fights of 2022?

While You Wait for 2023's 1st KC Event...

See if you agree with this fan's 5 favorite Karate Combat fights of 2022, with photos from the events.

by Nicholas Torino, 2023-01-13

The Superfan's Unofficial Karate Combat Rankings - KC37 Update

Including a Pound-for-Pound List of the Best Full-Contact Karatekas in the World

Karate Combat SuperFan Mac Tyson updates his unofficial Karate Combat rankings in the aftermath of KC38 wins, losses, and controversies.

by Mac Tyson, 2022-12-26

Discipline and Desire: Rafael Aghayev Defeats Raymond Daniels

Aghayev proves to be the Karate G.O.A.T with impressive win in Orlando

A true David versus Goliath match-up unfolded December 17th when Rafael Aghayev defeated Raymond Daniels in a 5 Round battle to determine who is arguably the greatest karate fighter on the planet.

by Nicholas Torino, 2022-12-23

Samuel Ericsson Uploads Victory to Karate Combat Resume

No doubt about it: Ericsson is for real

Rather than smashing those like and follow buttons, Ericsson spent the evening in Orlando smashing fist to flesh and earned an impressive TKO victory.

by Nicholas Torino, 2022-12-21

RECAP - Karate Combat 37: Aghayev vs Daniels

One of the Greatest Events in Karate History

Read the superfan's thoughts on four of his favorite fights at Karate Combat 37: Aghayev vs Daniels.

by Mac Tyson, 2022-12-21

Karate Combat Statement on Chelmiah vs Lopez


Karate Combat Statement on Chelmiah vs Lopez

by Staff Writer, 2022-12-18


Learn All the Winners from the Karate Combat 37 Event

Learn all the winners from the Karate Combat 37 event that took place on Saturday, December 17th in Orlando, Florida.

by Dane Curley, 2022-12-17

FIGHT PREVIEW- Rob Buxton vs Sasha Palatnikov

The quest to find the best around

Former UFC Fighter Sasha Palatnikov makes his KC Debut vs Rob Buxton at Karate Combat 37, on December 17th, in Orlando, Florida.

by Mac Tyson, 2022-12-15

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