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Celebrity Students of Karate

From Hollywood to the NFL, karate has more than a few famous fans.

Karate has found many famous fans over the years, with celebrities in Hollywood and beyond looking to this martial art for strength, skill, discipline, and peace. We review a few of the all-stars.

by Staff Writer, 2019-06-10

Great Karate Moments in Pop Culture

Karate has made many memorable appearances over the years

Karate has been a permanent fixture in pop culture since Bruce Lee came to Hollywood. From the Matrix to Chuck Norris, check out the remarkable moments that karate has had in the spotlight.

by Staff Writer, 2019-05-24

Real Life Skills from Learning Karate

Important life skills gained from learning karate

Like other martial arts, studying karate can teach you complex combat techniques and useful self-defense skills. However, this sport, which is grounded in honor and tradition, also trains students in discipline, confidence, and other important life skills.

by Staff Writer, 2019-05-18

MCMAP: Marine Corps Martial Arts Program

Marines have been learning karate and other martial arts for over 100 years.

The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) teaches U.S. Marines martial arts techniques from karate, BJJ, kung fu, and other fight systems, as well as valuable skills for a modern warrior, like leadership, commitment, and responsible use of force.

by Staff Writer, 2019-05-10

Meet the Founder of Uechi-Ryu Karate: Kanbun Uechi

The Okinawan master dedicated his life to studying martial arts.

The Uechi-Ryu school was founded by Kanbun Uechi, an Okinawan who immigrated to China to devote his life to martial arts. After studying under a boxing master and Taoist priest for ten years, he opened his own dojo. However, a tragic death led him to move back home and never speak of martial arts again.

by Staff Writer, 2019-05-6

Karate vs. MMA

A short combat story with a long history

Karate and MMA share a lot in common, and more than just the ‘martial art’ portion of the latter’s acronym. Both disciplines offer real fights for their fans, whether it’s via an MMA fighter or a full-contact karate combatant in the Karate Combat fighting league.

by Staff Writer, 2019-04-12

Karate: The Driving Force Behind the Best MMA Fighters in the World

From Lyoto to the Karate Hottie. The Best in the Business Studied this Ancient Sport.

Although Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) techniques come from a wide range of fight systems, from Brazilian jiu jitsu and wrestling to taekwondo and muay thai, many accomplished MMA fighters have a strong foundation in karate.

by Staff Writer, 2019-04-8

Real Karate Rises Again

The ancient sport is back and better than ever

When The Karate Kid hit theaters back in 1984, America fell head over heels for real karate. Over a decade after Enter the Dragon took the nation by storm, no one could get enough of Mr. Miyagi’s mentorship of Daniel-san, a tale as old as time.

by Staff Writer, 2018-03-27

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