Karate Combat Dojos



Learn full contact Karate using the same techniques developed by the worlds top professional coaches and fighters. Increase your cardio and stamina, maintain ideal fighting weight, and improve your striking power using “clean” Karate techniques.

No matter your “weight class”, this 360° plan works from novice to pro level where advanced students can cross-train with professional Karatekas at our flagship locations. Use the same high-quality gear, training regime and biometric monitoring used by the Karate Combat professional fighters including the signature pit fighting area.

Karate Combat Dojo


Expand your Dojo’s retention by offering both our Karate Combat Training (18+) and Karate Combat Junior Training (under 18) programs.

Karate Combat is currently selecting marquee Dojos as part of its flagship launch group. As an official Karate Combat Dojo(TM) you will get exclusive access to the same training and instructional data developed by the League for its own Olympic-Level athletes. You’ll also receive premium access to a pool of 200 professional fighters and coaches working with the League for special training camps, local competitions, and our professional Qualifying Match program. Dojo affiliates also receive discounts/reseller options for our official Karate Combat gear and clothing.