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The Superfan's Unofficial Karate Combat Rankings - Post-KC38 Update

Including a Pound-for-Pound List of the Best Full-Contact Karatekas in the World
por Mac Tyson • 2023. May 18

These are the Post-KC38 Rankings:


  1. Eoghan Chelmiah (C)

  2. Jesus Lopez

  3. Abdessalam Ameknassi

  4. Gabriel Stankunas

  5. Ilies Mardhi

  6. Robbie Lavoie


  1. Luiz Rocha (C)

  2. Edgars Skrivers

  3. Bruno Souza

  4. Gabriel Varga

  5. Bruno Roberto de Assis

  6. Andres Madera


  1. Josh Quayhagen (C)

  2. Rafael Aghayev (IC)

  3. Fernando Moreno Paz

  4. Kenji Grillon

  5. Dionicio Gustavo

  6. Jorge Perez


  1. Ross Levine (C)

  2. Shahin Atamov

  3. Raymond Daniels

  4. Igor De Castañeda

  5. Franklin Mina

  6. Adrian Hadribeaj

Men’s P4P:

  1. Luiz Rocha

  2. Josh Quayhagen

  3. Ross Levine

  4. Rafael Aghayev

  5. Edgars Skrivers

  6. Eoghan Chelmiah

Women's P4P:

  1. Omaira Molina

  2. Christina Kavakopoulou

  3. Melinda Fábián

  4. Sthefanie Oliveira

  5. Fabiola Esquivel

  6. Ana Luisa Ferreira

Fighters who haven't fought or haven't been scheduled to fight in a period of 5 events or more will be removed from the rankings.

Explaining the Rank Changes Post-KC38

At Karate Combat 38, newcomer Adrian Hadribeaj stepped up to fight former UFC Fighter Sasha Palatnikov on two weeks notice and with a meniscus injury. Despite this he was still able to use his Traditional Blitz Fighting Style to a hard fought Unanimous Decision Victory. Taking the #6 Middleweight Ranking.

After losing his 2nd fight to #2 ranked Lightweight Edgar Skrivers, Bruno Souza bounces back into the win column with a win over top ranked lightweight Bruno Assis. Gaining the #3 Lightweight Ranking.

Melinda Fábián joins the Women’s P4P Rankings at #3 with a Unanimous Decision Victory over Erica Santos

In Kenji Grillon’s debut he fought Nikos Gidakos, a 3-fight Pit veteran with Kickboxing experience, and won in dominant fashion. At KC38 he once again fought another experienced opponent in Jorge Perez (who has a win over former Top 10 UFC Fighter James Vick) and again won in dominant fashion. These performances have earned him the #4 ranking in the Welterweight division.

Former Welterweight Title Challenger Dionicio Gustavo works his way back into the rankings at number 5 with a win over Davy Dona.

Robbie Lavoie enters the Bantamweight Rankings at #6 with a win over Damian Villa.