Full Event

Live from KC-1, September 21, 2019, Karate Combat: Evolution. The world's greatest fighters return to battle. Fighting for the Golden Belt, in the main event are Luiz "Pitbull" Rocha of Brazil vs. Edgars "The Bearslayer" Skrivers of Latvia. Dionicio "El Capitan" Gustavo of the Dominican Republic and Josh "The Preacher" Quahagen go head-to-head in the co-main event. Join us on 9/21 at 7PM EST and see these fights and more featuring other greats including Abdalla Ibrahim, Davy Dona, Alexandre Bouderbane, Igor de Castañeda, and Fernando Paz.


Edgars Skrivers   VS.   Luiz Victor Rocha

// Lightweight (148 LB / 67 KG) // Evolution
Edgars Skrivers by KO

Joshua Quayhagen   VS.   Dionicio Gustavo

// Welterweight (165 LB / 75 KG) // Evolution
Joshua Quayhagen by Unanimous

Davy Dona   VS.   Abdalla Ibrahim

// Welterweight (165 LB / 75 KG) // Evolution
Abdalla Ibrahim by Unanimous

Shahin Atamov   VS.   Jorge Perez

// Heavyweight (205 LB / 93 KG) // Evolution
Shahin Atamov by KO

Zsolt Habda   VS.   Igor De Castañeda

// Middleweight (185 LB / 84 KG) // Evolution
Igor De Castañeda by Unanimous