Inception - Miami

Full Event

Live from Miami Beach on April 26, 2018, at 9:30 pm EDT, Karate Combat: Inception is the first event of the Karate Combat fighting league’s inaugural season. Held as a private, invite-only spectacle, this video stream will show all of the key fighters, as it happens. Featured on the Main Card: Elhadji “Black Magic” Ndour of the United States versus Andras “The Titan” Virag, a game contender from Hungary. The co-main event features Dionicio Gustavo of the Dominican Republic versus France’s Alexandre Bouderbane in a key contest. Other fighters include Adham Sabry of the USA, Spyros Margaritopoulos of Greece, and Joshua Quayhagen from the USA.


Jerome Brown   VS.   Pedro Roman Roig

// Welterweight (165 LB / 75 KG) // Inception - Miami
Jerome Brown by TKO
This qualifier: Jerome Brown (UK) vs. Pedro Roman Roig (Spain), earned them both official fighter contracts!

Adham Sabry   VS.   Lahad Cisse

// Middleweight (185 LB / 84 KG) // Inception - Miami
Adham Sabry by Unanimous
Adham Sabry (USA) was a contender against France’s Abdou Lahad Cisse, and the combination was explosive!

Mohamed Salem Mohamed   VS.   Spyros Margaritopoulos

// Middleweight (185 LB / 84 KG) // Inception - Miami
Spyros Margaritopoulos by TKO
Spyros Margaritopoulos (Greece) is pitted against Mohamed Salem Mohamed (USA). Don’t miss their entrances!

Joshua Quayhagen   VS.   Abdalla Ibrahim

// Welterweight (165 LB / 75 KG) // Inception - Miami
Abdalla Ibrahim by KO
Joshua Quayhagen (USA) and Abdalla Ibrahim (USA) were awarded Fight of the Night honors for this match-up in Miami.

Dionicio Gustavo   VS.   Alexandre Bouderbane

// Welterweight (165 LB / 75 KG) // Inception - Miami
Dionicio Gustavo by KO
Alex Bouderbane (France) and Willians Quirino (Brazil) raised the bar with amazing non-stop action.