Olympus - Athens

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Live from Athens, Greece on July 28, 2018, Karate Combat: Olympus is the second event of the Karate Combat fighting league’s inaugural season. Held in the ancient Zappeion Courtyard where the first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896. On the Main Card: “Hurricane” Davy Dona of France versus Jerome “The Brown Bear” from the UK. The co-main event features Morocco’s Achraf Ouchen versus Ecuadorian Franklin Mina. Other fighters include Deivis Ferraras of Dominican Republic, Wellington Barbosa of Brazil, and Yaser Sahintekin of Turkey.


Franklin Mina   VS.   Achraf Ouchen

// Middleweight (185 LB / 84 KG) // Olympus - Athens
Achraf Ouchen by KO
The Co-Main Event featured Achraf Ouchen (MAR) and Franklin Mina (ECU). Hint: one of them gets knocked out.

Myrza-Bek Tebuev   VS.   Deivis Ferreras

// Lightweight (148 LB / 67 KG) // Olympus - Athens
Myrza-Bek Tebuev by KO
Deivis Ferreras (Dom) vs. newcomer Myrza-Bek Tebuev (RUS) achieve another exciting knockout matchup!

Davy Dona   VS.   Jerome Brown

// Welterweight (165 LB / 75 KG) // Olympus - Athens
Jerome Brown by TKO
The Main Event for Olympus showcased Jerome Brown (UK) and Davy Dona (FRA) in a dramatic TKO bout.

Yaser Sahintekin   VS.   Wellington Barbosa

// Heavyweight (205 LB / 93 KG) // Olympus - Athens
Yaser Sahintekin by TKO
Wellington Barbosa (BRA) and Yaser Sahintekin (TUR) squared off in this powerful Heavyweight bout.

Igor De Castañeda   VS.   Fioravante Valentino

// Middleweight (185 LB / 84 KG) // Olympus - Athens
Igor De Castañeda by TKO
Fioravante Valentino (ITA) vs. Igor de Castañeda (ESP) clinched the Orig3n Fight of the Night award.

Sarah Ait Ibrahim   VS.   Fabiola Esquivel González

// Women's Bantamweight (121+ LB / 55+ KG) // Olympus - Athens
Sarah Ait Ibrahim by TKO
Fabiola Esquivel (MEX) fought Sarah Ait Ibrahim (FRA) in the first televised Karate Combat female match.

Nikos Kosmas   VS.   Reda Messaoudi

// Welterweight (165 LB / 75 KG) // Olympus - Athens
Reda Messaoudi by TKO
In this prelim, Reda Messaoudi (MAR) vs. Nikos Kosmas (GRE) earned them the BitMEX Knockout of the Night!