Igor De Castañeda 

European Shotokan champion // 2 Bronze medal World Shotokan championship // 3 Bronze medal Europe Shotokan championships
The Iberian Bull
6 FT / 185 CM
185 LBS / 84 KG
Arm Reach
32 INS / 82 CM
Leg Reach
42 INS / 107 CM
Weight Class
Middleweight (185 LB / 84 KG)
Karate Style
Shito-Ryu & Shotokan
Favorite Technique
Front Kick
Languages Spoken
Spanish, English
Igor De Castañeda started practicing karate at his father's dojo when he was twelve years old and has not stopped practicing for a single day. His father's dojo is one of the first in Spain and Castañeda and his parents have been teaching the karate path to thousands of students for more than 40 years. His karate team gave him the nickname "The Iberian Bull" in 2014 because of his physique and bravery. Castañeda applies Karate-Do to all facets of his life.


Igor De Castaneda v Milos Vukovic
Fioravante Valentino v Igor de Castañeda
Igor De Castañeda VS. Zsolt Habda