Jerome Brown 

British Team Member 7 years // 4x British National Champion // Silver European Championships Cadets
Big Romeo
6 FT 2 INS / 188 CM
174 LBS / 79 KG
Arm Reach
32 INS / 82 CM
Leg Reach
42 INS / 108 CM
Weight Class
Welterweight (165 LB / 75 KG)
Karate Style
Wado Ryu
Favorite Technique
Sweeps and Takedowns
Languages Spoken
Jerome Romeo Brown is an English-born fighter of Jamaican descent from north London. Jerome faced trials and tribulations growing up in a part of London with lots of crime. It served to motivate him to get out of his tough situation. Studying karate became an escape route as it grounded him and kept him away from a lot of negative elements. However, Jerome felt somewhat unfulfilled competing in point-based karate until Karate Combat came along. The full-contact aspect of Karate Combat allows him to show his true heart, grit & determination to win, no matter what. Jerome has pledged to keep fighting for a better life for himself and for his family's legacy.


Jerome Brown v Davy Dona
Jerome Brown v Pedro Roig