Ilies Mardhi 

2x Silver Medal European junior Vice-Champion
The Madman
5 FT 8 INS / 175 CM
145 LBS / 66 KG
Arm Reach
27 INS / 70 CM
Leg Reach
39 INS / 100 CM
Weight Class
Lightweight (148 LB / 67 KG)
Karate Style
Favorite Technique
Roundhouse Kick
Languages Spoken
French, English
In Paris’ toughest arrondissement, the 93rd, Ilies grew up with danger every day--it’s often compared to New York’s South Bronx. Karate kept him out of trouble, along with the Moroccan values his family immigrated with, and he made the French national team at a very young age--going on to win a gold medals at the European Games and other international competitions. Karate champion Davy Dona recognized his talent and became his Senesi and trainer. Mardhi earned his nickname, The Madman, at a very young age, when his friends saw he would never back down. His aggressive style is perfectly suited for full contact karate. He’s even been celebrated in a song from his hometown hip hop heroes, T-Royal.


Daniel Viveros v Ilies Mardhi