Maziar Elhamivarmezani 

Degree from Islamic Azad University of Zanjan
5 FT 11 INS / 182 CM
194 LBS / 88 KG
Arm Reach
30 INS / 78 CM
Leg Reach
40 INS / 102 CM
Weight Class
Heavyweight (205 LB / 93 KG)
Karate Style
Shotokan 2nd Degree Black Belt
Favorite Technique
Sweeps and Takedowns
Languages Spoken
Maziar started Karate when he was 14 years old, which is a bit of a late start for a karate athlete in Iran, but his talent and passion for it more than made up for the tardy beginning. Before taking up Karate, Maziar used to practice wrestling. After just 3 years of training, Maziar was able to become a member of the Iranian national team when he was 17 years old and he took great pride in being Iran’s captain for many years. As a member of the Iranian national team, Maziar led his team to many results as both a Junior and Senior athlete at all levels from local, regional and even world medals. Maziar is known to be one of the greatest Karate-ka to come out of Iran in recent history and can't wait to continue his Karate success in the Pit!