Stephanie Kaup 

The Valkyrie
5 FT 6 INS / 169 CM
138 LBS / 63 KG
Arm Reach
30 INS / 77 CM
Leg Reach
32 INS / 82 CM
Weight Class
Women's Bantamweight (121+ LB / 55+ KG)
Karate Style
Wado Ryu
Favorite Technique
Languages Spoken
Swedish, English, German
Stephanie has spent the last 18 years training and competing in karate at the highest level and has been a member of the national team in not only one, but two National countries (Sweden & Austria). She has also been moving quickly in her career outside of sport, where she after a couple of years in Management Consulting took on a role in Google’s strategy and business development department in Northern Europe. She’s also a great example of the dedication and fortitude exhibited by Karate athletes showing that fighters can be strong and smart qualifying as a member of Mensa.