Fighter Playlist: How Ilies “The Madman” Mardhi Gets Ready to Strike

Straight outta the 83rd Arrondissement in Paris, French and American hip hop prepares the karetka “for war;” We put his list together for you on Spotify

Ilies Mardhi grew up in a part of Paris he compares to New York’s South Bronx. It’s actually an incredibly vibrant and diverse area with dozens of languages from all over the world spoken, and an intense hip hop scene.  Mardhi, who trains with Karate Combat fighter Davy Dona, works hard to get ready for his bouts---keeping in mind the need for stamina, and the need for explosive power that the full-contact rules set demands. 

We were able to sit down and speak with Mardhi ahead of the  big -67 main event matchup between Luiz “The Pitbull” Rocha on October 18th. Mardhi went into the event with a win two weeks before, in a Karate Combat first-ever 4 round unanimous decision against Pedro Roig.  Catch up with all the fights at Karate Combat YouTube.

He spoke about his training and one of the big things that keeps him motivated during it, music. He loves hip hop in both French and English and even has a shout out from one of Paris’ biggest MCs. 

Here are 5 of The Mad Man’s favorite tracks and what they mean to him:

1. Zoo by Karis

“This song helps me focus and prepare on “the war”. The beat is great and is just what I need to lock in.”

2.  Dior by Pop Smoke

“Another great energizing song. Pop was talent who unfortunately died at a young age. RIP”

3. Saturne by Rahoff

“This is the real street music of Paris. It reminds me of where I am from”

4. Gericault by Lacrim

“This song motivates me and makes me think of who I do all of this for, For my family”

5. Binks by T Royal

“My neighborhood and childhood brother. An honor to be shouted out in this song.”

All the hits Illies loves to prepare to jump in the pit. Take a listen to Illies’ playlist here on Spotify! And be sure to check out Illies in the main event as he takes on Luiz Rocha!