Fighter Playlist: Christian Hip-Hop Drives Josh “The Preacher” Quayhagen in the Pit

From Steven Malcolm to Andy Mindeo to NF, the Lake Charles, Louisiana native knows where to get his inspiration to fight

By Tomas Greeg 

Hailing from “The Bayou State” of Louisiana, Josh “The Preacher” Quayhagen is on a quest to try to  become the Golden Belt Champion of the -75 KG division. With an early splash into the Karate Combat Pit, Josh Quayhagen was met by a brutal knockout loss to Abdalla “The Joker” Ibrahim. Since that bump in the road Quayhagen has been on a 3-fight win tear, with victories over tough title contenders the likes of Dionicio Gustavo and Reda Messaoudi. You can catch all these fights at As the victor in the championship eliminator fight against Messaoudi, this pits Josh (no pun intended) against Jerome “The Brown Bear” Brown for the -75 KG Golden Belt. The two will enter the pit tonight  to crown a -75 king.

In preparation for this battle we were able to sit down and talk with Josh about the tunes that help him stay motivated and locked in to compete in the pit. Take a listen on Spotify here!

1.  “Fire” by Steven Malcolm 

2.  “Vigorous” by Steven Malcolm 

“Steven Malcolm is my favorite artist right now. Christian hip-hop with a little reggae blend. It always gets me going,” said Josh.

3. “Say Less” by Andy Mineo

“Andy Mineo is in competition for my favorite. He always come with high energy and awesome tunes” The New York based MC’s first mixtape was named Sin is Wack.

4. “Carry Me Through” by David Barnes  

     “That’s my struggle cadence. When crap hits the fan in my workouts, I don’t even need the song to play, I’ll sing it to myself,” Josh said about the Tennessee-based country artist. 

5. Mansions” by NF 

“Dealing with fear and internal struggle is part of the fight game, nobody puts together lyrics for this like NF.”  The Eminem-inspired artist was named the best selling Christian rapper by The Ringer.

These tracks help keep The Preacher grounded and he hopes to use that motivation in his attempt to capture the golden belt against Jerome Brown!

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