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Three TKOs in the Karateverse | Season Premiere RECAP

Plus, See In-Fight PHOTOS from the All-Action Event

See in-fight Photos and read the Recap for Event 1 of Karate Combat Season 4, featuring TKOs by Spinning-Heel-Kick, Spinning-Back-Kick, and more!

by Dane Curley, 2022-05-15

Season 3 Finale Recap: Your New Bantamweight Champion

A Fight of the Season Contender and an Epic Bantamweight War

Read the Recap and see Pit-side Photos from Karate Combat's Season 3 Finale, featuring a Fight of the Season contender and an Epic Bantamweight War.

by Dane Curley, 2021-09-17

Event 11 Recap: And Still Undefeated

An Absolute Crowd-Pleaser of a Main Event

Read the Recap for Event 11 of Karate Combat's third season, which featured an action-packed Main Event that extended an unbeaten streak.

by Dane Curley, 2021-09-09

Event 10 Recap: A New Middleweight Champion

Karate Combat's Very First Middleweight Champion is Crowned

Read the Recap for Event 10 of Karate Combat's third season, featuring the very first Middleweight Championship fight!

by Dane Curley, 2021-09-03

Event 9 Recap: Two Debut-Wins & a HUGE KO

The First Karate Event Set in the FUTURE

Read the Recap for Event 9 of Karate Combat's third season, featuring a tremendous Punch-Knockout and two absolutely thrilling three-round fights.

by Dane Curley, 2021-08-27

Event 8 Recap: A Liver-Kick KO in Front of Bas!

Bloody Battles, Head & Liver-Kick KOs

Recap the incredible 8th Event from Karate Combat Season 3 which featured 4 world-class fights and 3 finishes! Bloody battles, head and body-kick KOs.

by Dane Curley, 2021-08-19

Event 7 Recap: Two Finishes and a 5-Round Grind!

The Champion Demonstrates Infinite Forward Pressure vs Assis

Event 7 of Karate Combat's third season yielded two finishes in men's and women's divisions, as well as a championship performance across five rounds!

by Dane Curley, 2021-08-13

Event 6 Recap: A Flawless 17-Second KO

Recap one of the most thrilling Karate Combat events yet!

Recap one of the most exciting events of Karate Combat Season 3, which boasted a 17-second Knockout as well as two additional action-packed fights.

by Dane Curley, 2021-08-06

A Controversial Split Decision Win for Social Media Star Samuel Ericsson

Season 3 - EVENT 5 Fight Results

Read the Season 3 Event 5 Results for Karate Combat, which featured a controversial split decision win for Samuel Ericsson, and a huge KO victory for Nikos Gidakos.

by John O'Regan, 2021-07-30

And Still! Josh ‘The Preacher’ Quayhagen retains Karate Combat World Welterweight Championship

'The Preacher' survives first-round knockdown, wins thrilling comeback victory

A five-round war nearly ended in the first few minutes when defending champion Quayhagen got caught by a Gustavo bomb. 'The Preacher' had to dig deep - and showed the world what it takes to be a Karate Combat champion.

by John O'Regan, 2021-07-09

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