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Olympic Controversy Caused Untold Damage to the Reputation of Karate

Karate Combat agrees with prevailing public opinion that the Olympic Karate Disqualification was unfair and that the rules which govern amateur and Olympic karate should be reevaluated and updated.

by John O'Regan, 2021-08-13


Karate Combat offers a Pro Contract, immediate Full-Contact Rematch for both participants

Karate Combat is offering a pro contract to the Olympic Silver-medalist who lost Gold by DQ - for delivering a perfect kick that KO'd his opponent. A 'full-contact rematch' is proposed.

by John O'Regan, 2021-08-07

Congratulations on Olympic SILVER - Rafael Aghayev

Karate Combat Fighter Rafael Aghayev wins the 75kg Silver at Tokyo 2020

Karate Combat fighter Rafael Aghayev wins Olympic Silver in the 75kg division at Tokyo 2020.

by Dane Curley, 2021-08-06

Olympic Karate versus Karate Combat

The Rules of Olympic Karate and Full-Contact Karate are VERY Different

Understand the difference between Olympic Karate rules and Karate Combat rules.

by Dane Curley, 2021-08-03

Meet the Karate Combat Olympians

Five Past & Future Karate Combat Fighters will compete in Tokyo

Karate Combat features the greatest Karatekas in the world, including five past and future fighters who will compete in Tokyo 2020 (2021). Meet the Karate Combat Olympians.

by Dane Curley, 2021-07-30

Karate Combat Behind the Scenes - Visubal Visits Josh Quayhagen

Experience Karate Combat from the Champion's Perspective

Go Behind the Scenes of Karate Combat, as Visubal Visits Josh Quayhagen before and after his Welterweight Title Defense against Dionicio Gustavo.

by Dane Curley, 2021-07-16

Lyoto Machida joins Karate Combat: Season Three line-up

Karate legend Lyoto ‘The Dragon’ Machida has joined the Karate Combat: Season 3 line up. The former UFC light-heavyweight champion, who single-handedly created an explosion of interest in karate during his title run, joins fellow karateka Georges St-Pierre in a ‘Season Sensei’ role.

by John O'Regan, 2021-06-03

Georges St-Pierre joins Karate Combat for Season 3

Martial arts legend GSP is 'Season Sensei' for Karate Combat Season 3

Legendary martial artist Georges St-Pierre is joining the Karate Combat: Season 3 line-up. The 2nd Dan Black Belt will feature in every episode as he returns to his karate roots.

by John O'Regan, 2021-03-17

Samuel Ericsson confirmed for Karate Combat: Season 3

The Swedish phenom will make his long-awaited debut in the upcoming Season 3

Samuel Ericsson will debut in Karate Combat: Season 3

by John O'Regan, 2021-03-11

Knowing Your Worth and The Power of Social Media

Vasilii Antokhii's Karate Combat story

Imagine this: It’s 2019, and you’ve just been disqualified from a karate match you’ve trained incredibly hard for. You are humbled, perhaps downtrodden, and trying to lick your emotional and physical wounds. You wake up, check your emails and social media, and a mention on Instagram to you pops up. It’s from Adam Kovacs, President and COO of Karate Combat. Not only has he shared the video of your recent disqualification, but he has thrown an offer out to you. Not once, but twice.

by Toni Gannon, 2020-12-17

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