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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO - Beyond The Pit with Igor de Castaneda

Sit down with Karate.com and The Iberian Bull!

Sit down with Karate.com and Igor de Castaneda, and go 'Beyond The Pit' to learn about The Iberian Bull himself, in this exclusive full-length interview.

by Dane Curley, 2022-05-11

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO - Beyond The Pit with Ross Levine

Come hang with Karate.com and Dr. Turbo!

Hang with Ross "Turbo" Levine ahead of the KCS4 Premiere! Go 'Beyond The Pit' and hear the full length conversation, exclusively on Karate.com

by Dane Curley, 2022-05-11


Karate.com Interviews the Fight Analyst Supremo

Watch "Inside the Mind of Robin Black" - an exclusive VIDEO Interview by Karate.com. Get more exclusive Karate Combat videos and all the latest news about KCS4.

by Dane Curley, 2022-05-09

Ross "Turbo" Levine Talks Diet, Nutrition, and Training

Read the Karate.com Exclusive Interview, Now!

Karate Combat fighter Ross "Turbo" Levine talks about diet, nutrition, and training ahead of his Season 4 fight with Igor de Castañeda. Read this article & get more exclusive content, only on Karate.com.

by Dane Curley, 2022-03-14

Joshua Quayhagen – Overcoming Adversity with Faith and Tenacity

How the Preacher/Champion endures All Kinds of Storms

Read this exclusive Karate.com interview with Karate Combat Welterweight Champion Joshua 'The Preacher' Quayhagen, a humble man of faith from a small-town in Louisiana.

by Dane Curley, 2021-11-10

Interview: Meet Eoghan Chelmiah

A Karate.com Exclusive with Karate Combat's First Bantamweight KO-Winner

Karate.com Interviews Eoghan Chelmiah following his KNOCKOUT Victory over Kevin Azouz in the first event of Karate Combat: Season 3.

by Dane Curley, 2021-07-26

Karate Combat Behind the Scenes - Visubal Visits Josh Quayhagen

Experience Karate Combat from the Champion's Perspective

Go Behind the Scenes of Karate Combat, as Visubal Visits Josh Quayhagen before and after his Welterweight Title Defense against Dionicio Gustavo.

by Dane Curley, 2021-07-16

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