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Karate Combat: Season 3 - End of Season Awards

Vote for the Best Fights, Most Heroic Performances, And More!

Learn the categories for Karate Combat's Season 3 Awards, and Help decide the winners for Best Fights, Fighters, Punches, Kicks, and More!

by Staff Writer, 2021-10-21

Season 3 Finale Recap: Your New Bantamweight Champion

A Fight of the Season Contender and an Epic Bantamweight War

Read the Recap and see Pit-side Photos from Karate Combat's Season 3 Finale, featuring a Fight of the Season contender and an Epic Bantamweight War.

by Dane Curley, 2021-09-17

Season 3 FINALE - Event 12 Fight Card

A Bantamweight Champion is Crowned

See the Event 12 fight card for the Karate Combat Season 3 Finale, featuring the very first Karate Combat Bantamweight Championship.

by Dane Curley, 2021-09-13

Event 11 Recap: And Still Undefeated

An Absolute Crowd-Pleaser of a Main Event

Read the Recap for Event 11 of Karate Combat's third season, which featured an action-packed Main Event that extended an unbeaten streak.

by Dane Curley, 2021-09-09

Season 3 - EVENT 11 Fight Card

A Chance for Redemption

See the Event 11 fight card for Karate Combat Season 3, featuring the two welterweight battles and a chance at redemption for lightweight Alberto Ramirez.

by Dane Curley, 2021-09-03

Event 10 Recap: A New Middleweight Champion

Karate Combat's Very First Middleweight Champion is Crowned

Read the Recap for Event 10 of Karate Combat's third season, featuring the very first Middleweight Championship fight!

by Dane Curley, 2021-09-03

Season 3 - EVENT 10 Fight Card

Karate Combat's First Middleweight Championship

See the Event 10 fight card for Karate Combat Season 3, featuring the very first battle for the Karate Combat Middleweight Championship.

by Dane Curley, 2021-08-30

Event 9 Recap: Two Debut-Wins & a HUGE KO

The First Karate Event Set in the FUTURE

Read the Recap for Event 9 of Karate Combat's third season, featuring a tremendous Punch-Knockout and two absolutely thrilling three-round fights.

by Dane Curley, 2021-08-27

Season 3 - EVENT 9 Fight Card

An American KO-Specialist Debuts

See the Event 9 fight card for Karate Combat Season 3, featuring three battles, including the Karate Combat debut of 2019's KO-of-the-year winning Kickboxer, Ross "Turbo" Levine.

by Dane Curley, 2021-08-23

Event 8 Recap: A Liver-Kick KO in Front of Bas!

Bloody Battles, Head & Liver-Kick KOs

Recap the incredible 8th Event from Karate Combat Season 3 which featured 4 world-class fights and 3 finishes! Bloody battles, head and body-kick KOs.

by Dane Curley, 2021-08-19

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