Don't Miss the Undercard of KARATE COMBAT 36 on Oct 29!

Don't Miss the Undercard of KARATE COMBAT 36 on Oct 29!

Amazing Match-Ups Kick Things Off at 7PM ET/4PM PT
by Staff Writer, 2022-10-28

Karate Combat 36 is completely stacked top to bottom.

The action begins Saturday, October 29th at 7PM ET / 4PM PT, in Orlando, Florida.

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While you can learn about the main event by clicking here, this article will look at the prelims that will kick off this fantastic night of action.


Fight 1

Larrosa v Villa at kc36
Larrosa v Villa at kc36

Maximiliano Larrosa vs Damian Villa

2x WT Taekwondo World Champion Medalist Damian Villa came up short in his debut fight against Gabriel Stankunas. Since then, he has been training with the likes of Former UFC Champion Luke Rockhold.

On October 29th, Villa will have his second chance at Karate Combat Glory, this time against Maximiliano Larrosa.

Larrosa is a Pan-American Bronze Medalist and South American Gold Medalist in Sport Karate. He will be the first Uruguayan Karateka in Karate Combat, when he steps into the Pit for the first time.

Fight 2

Kavakopoulou vs Asesor at KC36
Kavakopoulou vs Asesor at KC36

Christina Kavakopolou vs Kaye Asesor

Christina Kavakopolou is a highly accomplished Karateka in Kata and Kumite. This success has transferred to Karate Combat where she remains undefeated. She will be looking to add another win when she takes on Kaye Asesor at the Universal Studios Backlot.

Kaye Asesor will be the first fighter to represent the Philippines when she steps into the Pit for the first time. To learn more about her martial arts background, faith, and so much more be sure to check out her spotlight here.

Fight 3

Ameknassi vs Kalnins
Ameknassi vs Kalnins

Abdessalam Ameknassi vs Kalvis Kalnins

When Olympians transfer over to full contact fighting, they quickly make a name for themselves. Whether it’s former UFC Champions like Daniel Cormier and Ronda Rousey or Karate Combat’s own Rafael Aghayev.

Hard hitting Olympian Kalviis Kalnins will be looking to add his name to this legendary list when he makes his Karate Combat debut against my number 6 ranked bantamweight Abdessalam Ameknassi.

Fight 4

Gidakos vs Grillon at kc36
Gidakos vs Grillon at kc36

Nikos Gidakos vs Kenji Grillon

"That was like a point karate move but with power"- Bas Rutten

This quote was in response to Nikos Gidakos’s nominated KO Punch of Season 3. It’s why they call him “F-16” because his right hand is like a laser guided missile.

Looking to shoot down this soaring fighter jet will be debutant Kenji Grillon. Grillon is a multiple time world champion in Sport Karate and will have a distinct size advantage at Welterweight.

Fight 5

Aghayev vs Calaway at kc36
Aghayev vs Calaway at kc36

Elvin Aghayev vs Chayil "Kai" Calaway

Chayil Calaway is a lifelong martial artist trained in Kyokushin, Tang Soo Do, American Kempo, Chinese Kenpo, Boxing, Wushu (Sanda), and most recently earning a Black Belt in Jeet Kune Do and a Black Prajied in Muay Thai. He considers himself a Freestyle Karate stylist who wants to incorporate all styles of Karate with his martial arts experience to be able to adapt to any opponent and have no style.

His next opponent that he will have to adapt to is Elvin Aghayev, an accomplished Sport Karate athlete with full contact experience under American Kickboxing rules. He is also a training partner of Rafael Aghayev and former Middleweight Champion Shahin Atamov.

Fight 6

Azouz vs Thorpe kc36
Azouz vs Thorpe kc36

Tommy Azouz vs Mitchel Thorpe

Topping off the card is a classic British vs French Karate match. Mitchel Thorpe looks to regain his momentum that he had from his stellar debut against Zsolt Zsiga, towards his ultimate goal of becoming the Michael Bisping of Karate.

Looking to put a stop to the British Karatekas Goal is Tommy Azouz. Azouz is stepping up on short notice to replace Ikboljon Uzakov.



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