Jerome Brown: “I wouldn’t even wait for a rematch--I’d just go right over there and smash him up!”

The British fighter slammed Abdalla Ibrahim of New York for his trash talking and failing to make weight in the Season opener Main Event

Guest Column by Blaine Henry of Fight Library & Tapology

At Karate Combat: Season 2, Event 1, The UK’s Jerome Romeo Brown defeated Ibrahim Abdalla via split decision in the main event. Brown spoke with me about the fight and he was in rare form. He took shots at Abdalla for missing weight by an astounding 18 pounds and gave some rather explicit details about how he feels about Abdalla Ibrahim.

Brown made his Karate Combat debut at Karate Combat Inception in Miami card and won that fight against Pedro Roig. 

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The fight with Abdalla didn't go how Jerome Romeo Brown wanted. But, he is critical of himself in that fight and knows he has to take issue with what happened -- he collapsed with a case of rabdo right when the ref was raising his glove in victory--- and be better the next time he fights for Karate Combat. 

Watch the full Brown vs. Ibrahim match here. 

"It wasn't the greatest fight on my behalf. I took it on short notice, I think it was 12 days notice. I'm not even proud of my performance to be honest. It was decent for the time I had but, it just wasn't great. Obviously the end wasn't great either."

Then there was the weight cut issue. This is where Brown really started to get fuming. Ibrahim Abdalla missed weight by 18 pounds, more than three weight classes up higher. Brown had to make adjustments after the weigh ins and he blames Abdallah.

"I had to change my game plan the day before the fight. He came in overweight, 82.5 kilos, 18 pounds overweight. It was ridiculous. I was going to stand and bang with him, make him miss and punish him. The way he come overweight, I knew I had to avoid this guy. I knew I had to pick him off and move. It was like a strategy on his behalf to come in overweight. I had to move and hit and make him miss. It worked well, it was the ending that ruined it."

Regardless of the size, Brown will fight anyone, anywhere. "I can fight all ways as well. I don't just fight on the back foot, I can fight aggressive. I can do it all, really. I'll have it with anyone. Trust me. I will have a tear up with anyone. They can be fucking Cain Velasquez or Francis N'Gannou. I'll fight them. I've got mental problems. I'll fight anyone. N'Gannou will probably knock me out in a second, but I'll have a tear at him. I'll still bite at his ankles."

Jerome Romeo Brown did not like seeing how he fought. But what really hurt him was the disrespect he feels he received from Abdalla. Normally, Brown has love for his opponents and checks on them after the fight. But with the missing weight and attitude from Abdalla after the fight, Brown was livid.  

"It wasn't good for my mental health. I don't like seeing myself limp like that. I won the fight. You can see I won the fight technical and skill wise over that Abual-fuckin-cunt. I don't like him either. I proper don't like him. The kid ain't got no respect. He come in overweight.

"Also, after a fight --  no matter what happened to my opponent -- I'm going to message them and see if they're okay. The guy didn't even message me. He even posted something the other day about some bullshit. He literally hit me three times in the fight. I've watched the fight over, he hit me three times. That's averaging once each round. He's acting like he beat my ass.  And he didn't have me rocked once. He's deluded. If he can think he won that fight, I don't know what's wrong with him. That was my own body shutting down. He didn't inflict none of that upon me. It was from exhaustion and lack of preparation."

As for a rematch, Brown isn't keen on letting Abdalla get paid for an ass whooping. He says the lack of professionalism ahead of the two's fight possibly nixed anything like that happening again. He threatened Abdalla in a completely different way, however. 

"I'll run it back with him any time. If I could fly to New York, I'll fly to New York and go to his coffee shop and smash up his whole coffee shop the way he's going on. We don't even do it in the pit. I'll just go to his coffee shop and smash him up. I wouldn't wait for Karate Combat to send a contract and sign the thing. Why would I give him a rematch if the guy couldn't make weight? That's disrespect. 18 pounds, that's unheard of in the sport of fighting. I've never heard of that before. I've never heard of an athlete accepting a fight that was 18 pounds overweight. I probably won't give him a rematch. But if he wants a rematch, I'll go to his coffee shop and smash a fuckin' mug over his head."

But, never say never.  

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