Jerome Brown Recovering From Post-Win Collapse at Anger Wat

The British fighter gave fans a scare even after he dominated Abduallah Ibrahim in the Pit

By Tomas Greer

A much anticipated grudge match, Jerome Brown vs Abdalla Ibrahim, took place at Anger Wat in Karate Combat’s season opener. Originally slated to take place at Karate Combat Hollywood  in early 2019, the two finally got in the Pit and it was a great one (Check it out here! Karate Combat S2 E1). A back forth battle for the complete duration of the 3-round bout, Brown was crowned the victor by split decision, in what some would call a controversial decision. Before the official decision, in a very scary scene, Jerome looked very fatigued at the conclusion and moments following the fight. As he stood in the hands of the referee, he began to fade and collapsed to the canvas. After a few moments laying with the help of medical professionals, Jerome was able to stand and have his hand properly raised. Unfortunately on his way out of the jungle, Jerome again collapsed and was taken to the hospital. 

After extensive monitoring and testing, Jerome was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, which is a breakdown of damaged muscle tissue which goes into your bloodstream and then your kidneys. Jerome Brown’s intensive weight loss for the bout played a factor as well. Jerome has since recovered and we are happy to say he is doing well. We expect he’ll be back in shape and ready to fight again later in the season. 

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