5 Best Marshawn Lynch Moments From Karate Combat Season Opener

Beastmode had a blast learning the full contact mindset on the job with Bas

By Tomas Greer

In episode 1 we were introduced to a great guest announcer in “Beast Mode” aka Marshawn Lynch. A public figure known on the field for his prowess as a powerful trucking Running Back and off the field for his wit and humor handling the media. Marshawn gave us many memorable laughs in episode 1, and here are the top 5:

Will the real Beast Mode please stand up

1.”Woah woah woah… I think we just gonna go with Jesus Lopez.” In response to Jesus Paucarcaja Lopez’s nickname “The Beast” similar to Marshawn’s “Beast Mode”


2.”He been watching Sho’nuff… He look like Bruce Leroy right there. He got the short cut just like him”. Marshawn joked about Deivis Ferrera’s mid-fight taunting of his opponent.

 I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills

3.”What was that? What- what- what move- what you call that move?... Man I seen that move on Taken! The dude on Taken do that” Marshawn’s reaction to Maximillian Mathes’s, Liam Neeson-like drop spinning back kick.

Straight Outta ‘The Town’

4. “Hit 'em with the spinning backfist! The una guchi! Hit him with the Ooskie Dooskie!” The Oakland dialect translation of the Japanese term for spinning backfist.

Stop Hitting me

5.”I told you stop hitting me!!” Marshawn exclaims as he jokes during the fight replays in between rounds, in response to Jerome Brown’s pushing side kick to Abdalla Ibrahim.

Marshawn Lynch is the first special guest commentator of the new season. Look out for more surprise guests from Pro Sports and Hollywood all season. 

If you missed the episode you can watch it now at Karate Combat YouTube.