The Superfan's Unofficial Karate Combat Rankings - KC36 Update

The Superfan's Unofficial Karate Combat Rankings - KC36 Update

Including a Pound-for-Pound List of the Best Full-Contact Karatekas in the World
by Mac Tyson, 2022-11-03

After the Season 4 Finale I created an unofficial fan ranking for each division of fighters and a P4P list for both Men’s and Women’s Division. Karate Combat has since moved to a numbered format after KC35. After each event I update these rankings, these are Post-Karate Combat 36 Rankings:


  1. Eoghan Chelmiah (C)
  2. Myrza-Bek Tebuev
  3. Jesus Lopez
  4. Abdessalam Ameknassi
  5. Ilies Mardhi
  6. Dimitrii Novikov


  1. Luiz Rocha (C)
  2. Edgars Skrivers
  3. Gabriel Varga
  4. Bruno Roberto de Assis
  5. Vitalie Certan
  6. Lazar Kukuličić


  1. Josh Quayhagen (C)
  2. Vasili Antokhii
  3. Rafael Aghayev
  4. Fernando Moreno Paz
  5. Nikita Yanchuck
  6. Kenji Grillon


  1. Ross Levine (C)
  2. Raymond Daniels
  3. Shahin Atamov
  4. Igor De Castañeda
  5. Franklin Mina
  6. Jorge Perez

Men’s P4P:

  1. Luiz Rocha
  2. Josh Quayhagen
  3. Ross Levine
  4. Edgars Skrivers
  5. Eoghan Chelmiah
  6. Achraf Ouchen

Women's P4P:

  1. Omaira Molina
  2. Christina Kavakopoulou
  3. Sthefanie Oliveira
  4. Fabiola Esquivel
  5. Ana Luiza Ferreira

Explaining the Rank Changes Post-KC36

At Karate Combat 36, we saw Edgars Skrivers and Bruno Souza go the full 5 rounds with an added sudden victory round as a bonus. Edgars Skrivers won the fight with a unanimous decision victory. Securing his ranking right behind the champion.

However, Bruno Souza proved he can hang in there with the best of the division. I wouldn't be surprised if for his next fight, he faces someone else ranked in the top 5 of the division, to potentially crack his way into a future top rankings list.

Igor De Castañeda and Franklin Mina were two of the top Middleweights yet to fight each other in the Pit. It was a technical fight that ended with "The Iberian Bull" finishing Mina with a beautiful right hand knockout, taking the #4 ranking with it.

Abdessalam Ameknassi moves up two ranks in Bantamweight to #4, with a unanimous decision victory over the Olympian Kalvis Kalnins.

The biggest ranking shake up seen this event occurred at Welterweight. In this event we saw multiple time Sport Karate World Champion Kenji Grillon secure a TKO victory (corner stoppage between rounds) over Nikos Gidakos. It was due to damage he caused to Nikos's leg. This secured Grillon's #6 Ranking.

Additionally at Welterweight, Fernando Moreno Paz knocked Diego Avendaño out cold. Paz has always been a dark horse in the division losing only to #2 ranked Vasili Antokhii. With all this taken into account, he takes the the #4 ranking in the division. 



Chelmiah vs Lopez at KC37 in Orlando Florida
Chelmiah vs Lopez at KC37 in Orlando Florida

Karate Combat will be back in Orlando, December 17th. Follow KC's social media accounts and subscribe to their newsletter for fight card updates. Or else, Buy Tickets Now because you owe it to yourself to be there in person for Karate Combat 37!


The Karate Combat DAO Airdrop is Coming Soon
The Karate Combat DAO Airdrop is Coming Soon