Karate Combat Ep 8 Weekly Primer


by Toni Gannon

Newcomer Christina Kavakopoulou from Greece makes her Karate Combat debut against sophomore athlete Fabiola Esquivel Gonzales from Mexico. Will the former ballerina turned Martial Artist dance her way to a Karate Combat contract or will Fabiola finally get her pit glory?

Esquivel, who not only has the experience on her side, but also has a 5-inch height advantage and a 4-inch reach advantage on the South paw. Additionally, she also has something to prove, as her own debut was medically called when her opponent broke her nose.

Esquivel’s fateful match was two years ago, but she has taken the time to heal, grow stronger and wiser. On the flip side, she has also become very protective of her face, most important, her reconstructed nose. Her fears are valid, as Kavakopoulou is much shorter than her, and as the Grecian athlete pointed out, Esquivel’s chin is very high. Kavakopoulou added that “she may go for the chin,” but will take mercy on Esquivel Gonzalez’s weak spot. This may not be exactly what Esquivel wants to hear, but what we do know is, this is going to be one incredible matchup.