Karate Combat Ep 8 Results


by Toni Gannon

What an incredible match between newcomer Christina Kavakopoulou from Greece and Fabiola Esquivel from Mexico. 

Kavakopoulou immediately began with a low kick, both switching stances, or switch hitting. The Panthera’s South Paw was fierce, and she very quickly learned the hard way what is accepted within the pit, as our Referee issued a warning for dirty boxing, due to her striking Esquivel with one arm and using her spare arm hold onto her opponent. Josh Palmer reminded us that “this is what turns it from short range exchanges to dirty boxing.”

We also saw that Esquivel was having a hard time keeping Kavakopoulou away from her face, as she quickly showed that where she lacked in reach, she more than made up for in power and aggression, which is favored here by the Judges. 

Both fighters showed a beautifully technical match, with Esquivel showing off her boxing skills mixed in with strong clinch work. Would this be enough to take down the Grecian fighter, or would Kavakopoulou take it personally and become the ultimate aggressor? It seemed to be the latter, as Kavakopoulou answered with yet another illegal move to the back of Esquivel’s head, causing the Referee to take a point away. Just as Bas and Josh started to discuss the possibility of the two going into a Sudden Death 4th round, the Judges weighed in with a Unanimous decision to award all three rounds, and ultimately, the match to Kavakopoulou, earning her Karate Combat contract.

When Layla Anna Lee spoke with the new Champion, she stated her intentions, as well as her motto that helped get her through the match. “When you get in the ocean, you have two choices: you either get drowned or you have to swim for your life. And that's the same for me.” 

Christina Kavakopoulou certainly swam to a victory, and we cannot wait to see what is in store for both Kavakopoulou and for Fabiola Esquivel Gonzalez.