Karate Combat Ep 8 Weekly Primer

Third Times a Charm?

by Toni Gannon

We have got an incredible match coming up this week on Karate Combat with two opponents who are no stranger to the pit – or to themselves.

Andrei Grinevich, The Warrior Of The Light, from Belarus will take on The Wolf, Achraf Ouchen, from Morocco for the third time, but 1st time at Karate Combat.

No stranger to each other, these two fighters knows each other’s style, weaknesses, and strengths, and have the added flavor of history, technically making this upcoming fight a rubber match.

To up the ante, Ouchen was victorious with a KO in his Karate Combat debut, and as we have seen from him before, he never enters the pit without a thoroughly studying his opponent. Ouchen, a student of Martial Arts, is writing his thesis on the differences in Moroccan fighters versus international norms. This is a man who literally delves into Understanding all the different style and technical variations between fighters and developing a good strategy in ultimately defeating it.

Will Grinevich be able to defeat scholar Ouchen or will Ouchen ace this match as well?