The Predator and a Skywalker walk into a pit…

by Toni Gannon

If you’ve ever wondered who would win in a fight between The Predator and a Skywalker, well look no further, because this week’s episode of Karate Combat has that answer.

Newcomer and Hungarian fighter Melinda Fabian, also known as The Predator, took on Brazilian Karate Combat athlete Ana Luiza Ferreira Da Silva, AKA Skywalker, in one of the most exciting and aggressive qualifier matches we’ve seen in a long time.

Lauded as two of the most powerful athletes in their right, we knew this was going to be quite a matchup.

As Bas Rutten said about Fabian, “She started training when she was 12 years old. She'd be the two-time world champion. Then she'd go competed in boxing and kickboxing, in MMA and the UFC she fought. And her nickname is The Predator. Now, if that doesn't make you scared, well, what will?”

As Round One kicked off, Fabian immediately came forward with ferocity and confidence. Of course, it helped that she also has a huge 6-inch reach advantage in her legs over Da Silva. Naturally, the height disadvantage would cost Da Silva stamina, as having to punch up would also take extra energy from her reserve, which would mean that each strike would have to be a smart one.

Another noticeable advantage that Fabian took was use of the wall, instead of putting Da Silva on the ground, as Josh Palmer noted, putting her against the pit wall would “actually impedes the ability for any kind of guard or safety retention by the Brazilian.”

Throughout the three rounds, we saw incredible energy from Fabian. Marching around like a caged lion, ready to get back in the pit and attack Da Silva, who put up an incredible fight, however, at the end of the three rounds, the Judges unanimously gave the win to Melinda Fabian.

When interviewed by Layla Anna Lee, one would have expected Fabian to have growled into the mic, but she was one of the most personable interviews we’ve had. With a sunny disposition, Fabian offered “If you would like to see me more, we can figure out something.”

Welcome to the roster, Melinda Fabian!