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FIGHT PREVIEW - Bruno Souza vs Bruno Assis

Will The Real Bruno Please Stand Up
by Mac Tyson • 2023. Mar 10

One’s own name is incredibly valuable. It carries deep personal, historical, and familial connections. It’s how we identify ourselves as unique entities among various communities. Especially in fighting, when names are announced proudly before a contest.

And in one of our Main Card bouts at Karate Combat 38 in Miami, Florida, this incredibly valuable aspect of a fighter's identity is on the line

The Battle of the Brunos

Bruno Assis Souza and Bruno Roberto de Assis aren’t just competing for rank and glory. In Vice City, they'll be competing for their very name.

Bruno Assis Souza, whom we all call Bruno Souza is one of the fastest growing stars in the KC Universe, and he feels there isn’t enough room for two Brunos in Karate Combat.

He called out the other Bruno, the more battle-hardened Karate Combat veteran of 5-2 whom we call Bruno Assis, with the stipulation that whoever wins will be the one true Bruno Assis of Karate Combat.

Bruno "The White Dragon" Assis did not hesitate to accept the fight since he knows himself... to be the real Bruno Assis.

They Don’t Just Share a Name

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That one's "Bruno Souza"

In addition to their name and nationality, there is another thing the two Bruno’s share…their Karate Style. Both are Shotokan stylists but they are also a perfect example that just because two fighters share a style, doesn’t mean they will fight the same.

Bruno Souza’s interpretation of Shotokan is that of a traditional long range blitz fighter. But Bruno does have his own twist on it. Traditionally Shotokan fighters believe in a philosophy known as Ikken Hissatsu.

While this philosophy translates literally to annihilate in one strike, the more accurate interpretation is similar to Cus D’Amato’s philosophy of striking with “bad intentions”. With this mentality every strike is meant to finish your opponent.

Differences of Interpretation

bruno roberto de assis
And that's Bruno Assis after hitting Certan kinda hard

Bruno Souza, however, focuses more on speed and precision than he does on power, and finishes opponents by peppering them with crispy Combinations. But still incorporating traditional Shotokan tactics like heavy use of the Mae Geri (Front Kick).

While on the other hand Bruno Assis has adopted a more “Karate Kickboxing” style, but fully incorporates the Ikken Hissatsu mindset. Everything Bruno Assis throws is done so with power and bad intentions.

While a casual observer may suggest that Bruno Assis has abandoned Karate altogether, that is not the case. The way he moves and his techniques are all influenced by Karate. You can’t erase a lifetime of Karate with just a couple of years of cross training in Kickboxing even if you try.


It is hard, very hard to predict... because Bruno is a very tough fighter, and then again Bruno is a very difficult matchup for Bruno.

Nothing is certain in fighting and I never give predictions on who will win, but this time I can say with certainty that Bruno will be the victor.

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