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Challenger Luiz Rocha clarifies "Boring as ****" Statement about Champion Edgars Skrivers

Karate Combat's Lightweight Championship is on the line in Season 4
by Community Manager • 2022. Feb 10

#1 contender Luiz Rocha is set to challenge Edgars Skrivers for his Karate Combat World Lightweight Championship.

Rocha earned his title shot with a glorious body-kick KO against Nikita Yanchuk that earned him Runner-up honors for 'Kick of the Season' just last year.

With a record of 6-2 in Karate Combat, he's one of the most battle-tested non-champions in the league. But this fight is a rematch, so Rocha is also looking to prove that he's pulled ahead as the better fighter since their last encounter.


Prior to the Season 4 Kick-off Presser, Luiz Rocha spoke to Karate Combat insiders and gave his candid thoughts about the lightweight champion Edgars Skrivers. One remark led to a question for clarification.

The title challenger referred to Skrivers, who is known for his deadpan verbal delivery, as "Boring as ****". (It's a word that begins with an F.)

This commentator noted that Skrivers is one of the flashiest fighters in the division, one of very few who have the skill & gall to show-off a 'Rolling Thunder' technique -- what is essentially a flying somersault that whips a heel down at one's opponent from the high heavens.

Rocha was invited to clarify his comment. Translated into English, his reply was as follows:

I was asked about him


as a person



not as a fighter.


I didn't mean it in a disrespectful way. I just find him very boring.

Host/Portuguese translator Layla Anna-Lee chuckled as she shared Rocha's statement, and noted that this was very much a non-apology.

The champ stood up for his entertainment value by highlighting his viewership and fan support, saying, "Numbers don't lie."


At their eye-locked stare down, Skrivers said "Good luck," in a manner that drew laughs from the audience and broke Rocha's very serious face, himself replying with a smile, "Let's do a show."

Well then, Whether the champion is boring or not, he'll be one half of a fight that absolutely promises to be anything but.

Do not miss Edgars Skrivers vs. Luiz Rocha in Season 4 of Karate Combat!