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The "Berserker" Brings Home First Victory

Fan Favorite Alberto Ramirez Celebrates Long Awaited Win at KC 39
by Community Manager • 2023. May 29

Alberto Ramirez has a story meant for motion pictures. In true Rocky fashion, he sacrificed everything in his personal life in order to make it to his Karate Combat debut against Samuel Ericsson. Many fans believed that Ramirez offered a win-worthy performance by constantly uprooting Ericsson from the floor with sweeps and throws, but the judges thought otherwise. At the end of three rounds, Ramirez went home without his hand being raised. And while he faced a social media superstar in Samuel, the buzz began to hover over Alberto for his outstanding debut performance.

Bruno Souza
Bruno Souza sends a Machida-style Front-kick at Maciej Tercjak in his KC debut

Fans were delighted to see him enter the pit again against Ikboljon Uzakov, but the sweeps and throws that made him so immensely popular against Ericsson were nullified by Uzakov, and again Alberto lost by decision. Undeterred, Ramirez gave his all once more when he met Matthew Stevens in Orlando, Florida for another light weight battle. After a back and forth brawl, victory was once again just outside of his reach.

Three attempts, three losses. Any athlete at this point in time would be performing deep, contemplative soul searching.

"Is this the right career choice?"

"Is my passion misplaced?"

"Do I continue to push through and redeem myself?"

Thankfully, Alberto Ramirez chose to persevere. The hard work paid off, and Ramirez secured his first victory in the last fight of his current contract. With a unanimous decision victory and a crowd erupting in applause behind him, the chances of a renewed contract look likely.