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The Superfan's Unofficial Karate Combat Rankings

Including a Pound-for-Pound List of the Best Full-Contact Karate Fighters in the World
by Mac Tyson • 2022. Jul 20

"Karate Combat is owned and controlled by its fans now."

This declaration was made by a self-proclaimed “Oracle of the Fanbase", known simply to us as "The Hacker". On June 25th, this mysterious figure transported myself and a large group of fans into the Karateverse for the Karate Combat Season 4 Finale.

The Hacker observes the fighters of the Season 4 Finale.

After this fantastic fight card was finished, he let every member of the audience leave the Karateverse... Well, almost everyone.

As Karate Combat's superfan he would not let me go until I ranked the top fighters in every division, and pound-for-pound (lb4lb).

This is the list that set me free:



  1. Eoghan Chelmiah (Champion)

  2. Myrza-Bek Tebuev

  3. Ilies Mardhi

  4. Jesus Lopez

  5. Dimitrii Novikov

  6. Abdessalam Ameknassi


  1. Luiz Rocha (Champion)

  2. Edgars Skrivers (former Champion)

  3. Gabriel Varga

  4. Bruno Roberto de Assis

  5. Vitalie Certan

  6. Lazar Kukuličić


  1. Josh Quayhagen (Champion)

  2. Vasili Antokhii

  3. Rafael Aghayev

  4. Nikita Yanchuck

  5. Dionicio Gustavo

  6. Nikos Gidakos


  1. Ross Levine (Champion)

  2. Shahin Atamov (former Champion)

  3. Franklin Mina

  4. Igor De Castañeda

  5. Jorge Perez

  6. Rob Buxton

Men’s P4P:

  1. Luiz Rocha (Lightweight Champion)

  2. Josh Quayhagen (Welterweight Champion)

  3. Ross Levine (Middleweight Champion)

  4. Edgars Skrivers

  5. Eoghan Chelmiah (Bantamweight Champion)

Women's P4P:

  1. Omaira Molina

  2. Christina Kavakopoulou

  3. Sthefanie Oliveira

  4. Fabiola Esquivel

  5. Ana Luiza Ferreira


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*Please note this ranking list is not officially endorsed by Karate Combat