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The Superfan's Unofficial Karate Combat Rankings - KC37 Update

Including a Pound-for-Pound List of the Best Full-Contact Karatekas in the World
by Mac Tyson • 2022. Dec 25

At Karate Combat 37, Rafael Aghayev and Raymond Daniels fought for the Interim Welterweight Championship. It had some of the highest-level Karate action seen in the Pit so far. After 5 rounds, Rafael Aghayev stood the victor, gaining not only the Interim Title but the #2 Welterweight and #4 P4P Ranking as well.

Raymond Daniels retains his #2 Middleweight Ranking. At this time there is no indication if he will continue to fight at Welterweight or return to Middleweight.

Since losing to Myzra-Bek Tebuev, Jesus Lopez has picked up a win and had a controversial decision loss to the Champion Eoghan Chelmiah.

Many fans believe that Jesus is the rightful Champion. Both fighters have verbally agreed to a rematch. For these reasons as well as Tebuev's inactivity, Jesus Lopez takes the #2 Bantamweight ranking.

Bruno Souza
Bruno Souza sends a Machida-style Front-kick at Maciej Tercjak in his KC debut

Gabriel Stankunas enters the Bantamweight rankings at #5, with a unanimous decision victory over Maximo Nunez.

Sasha Palatnikov vs Rob Buxton was a Cobra Kai matchup brought to life. While Buxton fought admirably, it was ultimately the former UFC Fighter Palatnikov that won via vicious TKO. Earning him the #6 Middleweight Ranking.