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MEMES of the Season

MEMES of the Season

See the Funniest Memes of Karate Combat Season 3
by Staff Writer, 2021-11-30

There are two things that everyone scrolling social media unanimously loves, knockouts and memes.

Season 3 of Karate Combat had the best season of fights so far in The Pit. So, naturally, there were memes to supplement the violence.

Karate Combat wasn't the only streaming series exploding in popularity this year.

The Netflix show Squid Game took the internet by storm.

Memes flooded social feeds from the various games featured on the show and Karate Combat had to get in on the action.

Karate Combat Squid Game Meme Umbrella Double L Dalgona Cookie
Karate Combat Squid Game Meme Umbrella Double L Dalgona Cookie

While you might want to karate chop the logo from the dalgona cookie, we recommend you lick it.

Every sports team or organization has “that one” fan.

There's the 'Just Bleed' guy, the 'Suns in Four' guy, and for us, Karate Saruman, the combat wizard of Middle Earth.

Enough said.

Karate Combat Saruman
Karate Combat Saruman

Times change, and People do, too!

Karate Saruman is much more comfortable in his own skin than that other guy, and he likes when fighters compete at the same weight-class. He's not into Hobbits fighting Orcs unless those Orcs cut some serious weight!

Most of us fight fans need a friend to watch combat sports with...

so we can dive into heated debates about hypothetical matchups that will never happen. However, Bas Rutten and GSP are different.

The two champions have forged a bond purely over their love of Karate that is stronger than any spell Karate Saruman can cast.

GSP hearts Bas Rutten
GSP hearts Bas Rutten

Tell me you wouldn’t watch a buddy cop movie with those two.

Perhaps the biggest Karate story of the year went down at the 2021 Olympics.

Sajjad Ganjzadeh took on Tareg Hamedi for the Gold Medal in the +75kg men’s Kumite competition.

Tareg Hamedi was comfortably ahead by points until Sajad Ganjzadeh leaped in for a strike and ate a head kick that sent him down, out cold onto the floor.

Apparently, in Olympic Karate, having too much fun is against the rules and Tareg Hamedi was DQ’d.

The clip went viral and most combat sports fans were upset at the absurdity of losing a match in a combat sport from essentially being too effective. Karate Combat felt the same way.

Aside from more officially offering the two a full-contact rematch, we were also forced to meme.

Karate Combat vs Olympic Karate Meme
Karate Combat vs Olympic Karate Meme

We do not play Karate.

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Karate Combat Season 4 Teaser Photo
Karate Combat Season 4 Teaser Photo

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