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Knowing Your Worth and The Power of Social Media

Vasilii Antokhii's Karate Combat story
por Community Manager • 2020. Dec 18

Imagine this: It’s 2019, and you’ve just been disqualified from a karate match you’ve trained incredibly hard for. You are humbled, perhaps downtrodden, and trying to lick your emotional and physical wounds.

You wake up, check your emails and social media, and a mention on Instagram to you pops up. It’s from Adam Kovacs, President and COO of Karate Combat. Not only has he shared the video of your recent disqualification, but he has thrown an offer out to you. Not once, but twice.

What do you do?

You answer that call, and you sign that contract.

History has proven that when one door closes, another door opens, or in Russian Karate Fighter Vasilii Antokhii’s case, the doors of the world opened up when Kovacs came calling. Of course, with social media nowadays, initial hesitation is natural, but thankfully, not only Antokhii, his Agent, and previously scouted and now fellow Karate Combat athlete, Vitalie Certan, backed up Kovac’s claim to fame, and from this moment on, will be part of Antokhii’s history.

Now, just over one year later, the Russian Athlete will be competing in his debut match in the Karate Combat pit, where the rules of normal disqualification for aggression gains you points, and the eyes of the world will be cheering you on as you proudly represent your country.

Several Russian athletes have already signed and found success with Karate Combat, including “The King” Myrza-Bek Tebuev and fellow newcomer Nikita Yanchuck, “The Destroyer.”

We welcome Vasilii Antokhii to Karate Combat and look forward to his success with the company.